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I talk about Canadian Politics across the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels. I think the cast of characters “leading” us is hilarious and what they’re doing is shocking.

Fundamentally the structure of my show is a harkening back to what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used to do on comedy central. I loved the structure of those shows. Basically, they would tell you “this is this person’s job. This is what they’re typically responsible for. Now this is what they said.” And the joke was self explanatory. But I loved that the cast of characters became human. I loved that they would give updates on the most important stories of the day, but they’d raise their eyebrows at it. Poke fun at it. Point out the flaws in what was said.

It goes back a bit further as well. Jay Leno used to have “Headlines.” It was a segment where the cameraman would literally zoom in on Jay’s desk which held a block that held big cards with newspaper headlines cut out and glued onto the cards. No modern special effects back then! (must have been 1995?).

I couldn’t resist. 1997!! We are so modern. Here, get the glue stick! lol

So, I grew up cutting my teeth on that. The whole show could have been that, as far as I was concerned.

There were other influences that initially started me on the path to doing the show. The thing that probably made me do it every day more than anything else is Jordan Peterson saying “maybe more people can listen than can read.” Peterson talked about how the invention of the printing press changed the world, and how the invention of podcasting and YouTube will have a similar impact because maybe more people can listen than can read. Wouldn’t that be something? If me doing a little bit of reading every day can contribute to that? I think i’d have a responsibility to do it, don’t you? That’s part of it, anyway. I try to help where I can. I seem to be good at this.

My show isn’t supposed to be “News” directly. I do read news stories, and i try to keep away from “conspiracy theories” (but i do read said theories. It’s good to know what the rumors are, no? I also read some leftist media because it’s good to know the argument from all angles).

I cover Canadian politics and try to make it fun, digestible and understandable to as general an audience that wants to hear it. There are Dozens of us!

Thanks for reading!

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